Note: This tutorial cover the following versions: "0.0.1".

Latest Version: 0.0.1

Mluschipranie 0.0.1 Download

How to use mluschipranie?

Mluschipranie has two commands: 1. download all albums. 2. download album. To use any of these go to your album or photos section.

To download all albums at once right click [Albums] link, a menu item [mluschipranie download all albums] should appear, click it as in the image.

To download a single album, right click over the link of the album we want to download, a menu item [mluschipranie download album] should appear, click it as in the image.

If you have the [prompt for options every time] preference checked in the options file(which is default), this window file picker will emerge to let you choose the folder directory where you want to save your albums. Otherwise mluschipranie will use the directory that is set in preferences.

Mluschipranie will create two folders: one for the userid if it does not exist and other for the album name. The name of the photos will be raw as they are. In the album folder you'll notice that there is an [album name].xml file in addition to your photos. Mluschipranie needs this file when using album browser. So if you erase it the corresponding album won't be listed in the album browser, you can delete it if you are never going to use mluschipranie album browser, but don't edit it inside the album folder, it may cause unpredicted behaviour.

The Widget Panel

options: opens the options page to save preferred settings.

help: opens this help page.

album browser: opens a page with all albums saved by mluschipranie.

Fluschipranie Options

Restore default options: restore the default options values.

Prompt for options everytime: default value=true, uncheck this field if you want to download your albums using the directory set here.

Base directory: the directory where you want your albums to be downloaded, default value=%Desktop%/mluschipranie.

Full Mode: Mluschipranie will try to fetch photos and comments. Default value=false, which means that no comments will be fetched. This feature is experimental and its use will make the download task more time-consuming, and unpredicted behaviour may arise.

Ask for confirmation when deleting an album: default value=true, which means that mluschipranie will ask before deleting an album.

Ask for confirmation when deleting a photo: default value=true, which means that mluschipranie will ask before deleting a photo.

Languages: default value=default, which means that mluschipranie will try to use browser's default locale, if not available it will use mluschipranie's default locale which is "english".

Hide myspace's ads: default value=true, which means that default behaviour will be: hide the ads until the user says other way.

Mluschipranie Notifications and Errors.

Mluschipranie notifies when all downloads complete successfully, when some or all downloads fail and when all albums have been processed.

  1. Notification: "ALL DOWNLOADS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY IN ALBUM:(your album name)". The best notification you may receive, it means mluschipranie did its job flawless. You can click its link to go to the downloads' manager.
  2. Notification: "SOME DOWNLOADS FAILED IN ALBUM: (your album name)". This notification is not as good as the first, it means that mluschipranie failed to grab all images due to network conectivity errors. Fortunately you can retry the failed downloads through the downloads' manager clicking the retry button.
  3. Notification: "(#)ALBUMS HAVE BEEN PROCESSED". This notification is rised when using mluschipranie command [download all albums], it means that all albums were processed.

Mluschipranie Downloads' Manager

Mluschipranie will open a new tab in the background for displaying the progress of the downloads.

If some downloads were unsuccessfull, you can retry them by pressing the refresh button at the right of the namefile, in the download manager.

Album Browser

Here you can see the albums you have downloaded with mluschipranie without need of leaving Firefox.

Click on any album to open photo browser.

Click Delete to remove any album. This action will remove the album folder and all its content. Be careful to not include any other sensitive files in the album folder, because it will remove the folder forever.

Photo Browser

To see the photos for every album click on it in the album browser. A new tab with the album's photos will open without the need of leaving Firefox.

Click on any photo to open comment browser(if you used [Full Mode] in preferences, otherwise comment browser won't be opened)

Click Delete to remove any photo.

Comment Browser

If you used [Full Mode] in preferences you can see the comments for every photo(if they have and if mluschipranie did not fail to get them) clicking on it in the photo browser.

Mluschipranie Debugger

Mluschipranie debugger will open whenever mluschipranie comes in action. It will help you to monitor what mluschipranie is doing internally, logging messages of actions or errors into the console.